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What an Awesome Week of Fishing

The warm weather last week almost had me thinking that winter was over and spring was here! In fact, I think that the fish felt the same way. I found loads of redfish cruising the flats feeding on mullet and crabs. My favorite thing about last week was the trout fishing because, at times, it reminded me of the fall.

Nice, healthy trout were released all week, but in larger numbers toward the end of the week. Most of my fish were caught on natural colored artificial shrimp and swim baits. Live shrimp from Haddrell's seemed to work the best around docks, and artificial baits seemed to work best on the flats. When on the flats, the best strategy is to throw really long casts away from the boat. This will help you get to the actively feeding fish.

I fished most of the week with Diawa BG 2500s paired with 10lb power pro, all on Start Plasma Rods (4-10lb). The bite each morning started out slow, but as the water warmed up so did the bite. Let’s hope that the weather stays warm, and the fish keep biting!

Capt. Alex Pennekamp

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