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Charleston Fishing Report 3/16/2021

Inshore Fishing

The rain seemed to finally quit, water has cleared and the fish are biting. We are finding redfish in large schools on the flats, and around docks in deep creeks. Some trout are starting to show up with the warmer water temperatures. Most redfish are being caught on live shrimp under popping corks and cut fresh blue crab on the bottom. As the water warms up the trout should be found in more numbers. Spring time fishing is in full swing right now!

Nearshore Fishing

The nearshore reefs are loaded right now with sheepshead. Guys are coming back to the dock with solid stringers of sheepshead. Most of the fish are being caught on live fiddler crabs. We are also catching some nice black drum and weakfish right now at the reefs. As the water warms up the weakfish should show up in large numbers.

Offshore Fishing

The offshore fishing is red hot right now. Limits of big seabass and vermillion snapper coming back to the dock. Big wahoo are being caught high speed trolling, and the tunas are starting to show up in good numbers. The bottom fish are being caught between 75-100ft right now with some of the biggest seabass being caught in 100ft. Most fish are being caught on Shimano flat fall jigs and chicken rigs with squid. The wahoo have been liking the Black Bart lures and wahoo bombs. Most of them being caught around 150-200ft. Last time we were out we saw some of the best bites coming in the 68-72 degree water temperature. As we move towards April and May the offshore trolling bite should get really good. Prayers for large number of Mahis this spring are being sent.

Time Frames

Right now we are looking at the middle of April beginning of May for sharks. I've been getting a lot of calls lately about sharks, and they are coming fast enough. Call now to book your next shark trip.

Captain Alex Pennekamp


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